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About us - The Sellhorn Group

For more than 60 years the Sellhorn Group has stood for sophisticated engineering services in the construction industry. Today, the medium-sized company group operates internationally, independently and is still family-owned and -managed.


The corporate culture is characterized by the enthusiasm for technical innovation, human responsibility and Hanseatic values.










The foundation of today's Sellhorn Group was laid in 1962 by Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Sellhorn, who develeoped and managed the company for 45 years. Today, the steadily growing family business is being continued in the second generation.



Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Sellhorn, consulting engineer

After Hamburg’s worst flood disaster in 1962, Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Sellhorn started his first business as a consulting engineer in the field of flood protection. In 1965, together with a partner, he opened his own engineering office. The Schaartorschleuse became his first well-known project and the foundation of today's Sellhorn Group was set.


Founding of Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft

Dipl.-Ing.Bodo Sellhorn founded Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH to continue his growing business as a consulting engineer. Still today, this company is the core of the Sellhorn Group.


Founding of Sellhorn Consult

Sellhorn Consult GmbH was founded as the parent company of Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Other divisions and companies followed in the fields of building services, real estate and traffic planning. The development of a company-group had begun.


Reopening of the Zollenspieker Fährhaus

VVB Vierländer Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG was founded to manage the hotel and restaurant business of the company’s own property, Zollenspieker Fährhaus, in Hamburg and does so still today.


Initiation of generation change

Dipl.-Ing. Olav Sellhorn was appointed to the management of Sellhorn Consult GmbH, thereby initiating the second generation of the family business.


Dipl.-Ing Bodo Sellhorn passed away

After 45 years as head of the family business Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Sellhorn passed away. The company remains family-owned and is from now on managed by his son Dipl.-Ing. Olav Sellhorn.


Restructuring under Sellhorn Holding

Sellhorn Consult GmbH is renamed as Sellhorn Holding GmbH. The restructuring of the group started with the main goals being the reorganization of the business areas, a more efficient organization and preparing the group for future strategic growth.


Founding of Sellhorn Middle East (ME)

In 2010, Sellhorn Middle East SARL was founded in Beirut as the first foreign subsidiary of the Sellhorn Group to offer civil engineering services in the Middle East region.


Founding of Sellhorn Hafkemeyer / sh+

With the founding of Sellhorn Hafkemeyer GmbH (SH+), the field of project management was established as an independent business area within the group.


Opening of the new hotel building Zollenspieker Fährhaus

The exclusive four-star hotel combines modern hotel comfort and more than 750 years of history at the southernmost point of Hamburg by the Elbe. Project development, planning and financing of the project was carried out within the Sellhorn Group. Admiraliät 56 Grundstücks- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is the owner of the hotel, while the operations are carried out by VVB Vierländer Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.


Founding of Sellhorn Africa Consulting

With the founding of Sellhorn Africa Consulting Ltd.  in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the Sellhorn Group expanded its international activities and is now also present on the African continent with its full range of services.


Founding of Sellhorn Technomech Marine & Infrastucture

Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft, together with Oiltech Group of India, founds the joint venture Sellhorn Technomech Marine and Infrastructure Consult Private Ltd. With this, engineering planning is now offered with a focus on hydraulic engineering and coastal protection within the Indian region.


Acquisition of A.C.E.

Acquisition and integration of A.C.E. Ingenieurgesellschaft für Flughafenplanung und Verkehrswesen mbH into the group. The specialised field of airport planning was now strengthened with the addition of the Cologne office.


The Sellhorn Group consists of 18 companies in 14 locations. Sellhorn Holding GmbH, as the parent company, is still today an owner-managed family business.